!!! Attention !!! We made the decision to remove all fees on any deals made on SteamBroker.com! Do not lose the opportunity to trade your skins on this unique bot-less marketplace with ZERO fees! Our marketplace does not use any Steam bot accounts. You transfer items directly to the buyer only when the deal is confirmed, so your skins can not be blocked on our bots. Also Steam can not interfere in our business by blocking our account because we do not have any.


You need to install our browser extension to be able to sell Steam items on SteamBroker.com website.
Currently we created extension for Google Chrome browser for PC. Unfortunatelly mobile browsers not support extensions.

Why should I install your extension?

SteamBroker.com works without intermediate accounts registered by our service. Steam Users Agreement prohibits of using accounts for business and often block such account with all items stored.

On SteamBroker.com all trades sent directly from seller's account to buyer's account. Our browser extension use followed algorithm:

1. When you have active deals extension will get needed items list and buyers data.

2. Extension will create and send trade offer to Steam server. To be able to send trade offer you should be logged in on steamcommunity.com website in browser.

3. When trade offer successfully send in Steam - exchanges will send trade offer number send in Steam.

After trade offer send - you will need additionally check and confirm this offer in Steam mobile application.
Our extension also can confirm trade offers automatically, but you should get identity_secret from mobile application for your Steam account.

To be able to check trade offer status our website will need to have your (seller's) Steam Web API key. This key you can create on this page and save it in account settings. Using this key we will check trade offer status and fund your SteamBroker account when trade offer will be confirmed by buyer and trade offer status in Steam will be changed to "Completed".

Attention! SteamBroker.com uses your Steam Web API key ONLY to check trade status sent to the buyer. Do not give this key to peoples you can not trust. Steam WEB Api key not allow to make trades for your account, but allow to check your trade history, your current trades and cancel trade offer. Scammers can ask your Web API key when cancel legitimate trade offers from your friends and send similar trade offer from another accounts. In this case you can confirm such trade offer and lose your items.

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