Warning! We have a bad news. VALVE corporation trade banned today all our trade bots. This accounts was used to store and transfer user's items. This mean, we can not send you items which was stored on this bots. We disabled function to buy items and fund your account. Currently, we are trying to get response from Steam support and get some additional information.

2018-04-05. Unfurtunatelly Steam do not want to make anything about our bots. We get several answers, what \"This lock is permanent and Steam support cannot help you further with this.\".

Currently, service in pre-bankruptcy. Before new CS:GO trading rules and bots ban service not generate profits needes to support servers and stuff. Now our financial reserver is near zero.

Personally, I'm very sad in this situation. During almost three years I spend too much time in development and support this project. We did not have much users, but about 500 users likes our service anyway. But now with new CS:GO trade rules and bots banned, I do not see perspectives to continue.

2018-04-10. I take decision to change this marketplace to new trade system. Trades will be perfomed directly from seller's account to buyer's account. Trade will be confirmed by system using seller' Steam API KEY (will be requested in settings). Correct trade offer can be send by seller using our browser extension or own scripts. After trade will be accepted by buyers - seller's account will be credited on SteamBroker as usual. This scheme will remove limitation with 7 day ban on CSGO items, bots inventory limit and another bot related problems and of course risk of bot ban by Steam's support. Development and testing can take several weeks.


How to buy Steam items

SteamBroker.com is a trading platform that allows users to buy and sell any tradable Steam™ items, the website provides its users with the following opportunities:
  • 1 Security

    We will guarantee every deal you make and therefore you are completely protected against fraud! If a seller fails to send the item or the goods do not match their description we will give you a full refund.

  • 2 Prices

    Sellers often set prices notably lower than the prices on the Steam™, competing with each other! Real money is more valuable than money in the Steam™ system.

  • 3 Speed

    While making a purchase you can see which sellers are online and can deliver goods to you quickly. Also, if you see a “Fast purchase” icon, it means that the article is already on our account and you can receive it within 1 to 3 minutes after paying for it!

A detailed description of the how to purchase Steam™ items:

1. Check the function of trade on the Steam™.

The transfer of items inside the Steam™ system is based on the mechanism of “trade offers”. The first requirement for a successful purchase is – your account should have the option for receiving the “trade offers” inside the Steam™. You can check this function by following the present link in order to try sending the trade offer to our bot. If you see the items on our bot then the trade function of your account works properly, otherwise you will see an error report. If that happens then visit the support section of Steam™ website for more information about the reasons of failure in exchange.
For our bot to be able to pass the item purchased, it is necessary to set the Trade URL as Secret phrase in the “Settings" section of your account.

2. Refill your account easily.

The second condition that is necessary in order to make a successful purchase is ensure you have sufficient funds in your account. In order to be able to buy items, you need to refill your account in our service beforehand. Click on the “Sign in through Steam” button in the upper right hand corner of the website to create or login to your account. After clicking this button you will then proceed to the Steam™ website and will be able to login to your account. Your login or password will not be transferred to our website, only your SteamID will be passed to the site if authorization is successful.

After accessing your account click on the ADD FUNDS link to get to the website section which is for adding funds to your account. Enter the desired amount in the "Fund your account on:" field; below you will see the amount of money that you are going to transfer using various payment systems or payment processors. We do not charge any additional fees for the purchase of items. If price of the item is $10.15 you should fund your account to $10.15.
PS: Price can change if set in another currency due changed USD rate.

3. Find things for purchase.

To find and buy anything, go to the "BUY" section at the top of the home page. This section is designed to simplify the search for things you need among all the proposals made by other users. The left hand column shows the different filters and the right hand one shows the things themselves. If you click on a specific game - you will see the additional filters for this game. For example, when you select the game DOTA 2, you can search for the Hero, Rarity, etc.

Also you can look for things by their names. In order to do that – enter the name or part of the name in the “Filter by name” field. It is possible to enter any part of the name. For example, if you enter 'fire' – the search system will show you such results, as "Belt of Eternal Fire", "Gauntlets of the Dragonfire" or "MAG-7 | Firestarter". If you filtered some parameters (game, rarity, ...) - the search system will use this filters also.

You will see the results on the right hand side of the page. The information will include the picture and name of an item, the minimum price and the number of proposals. For example, if -35% is stated under the picture, it means that the price of the item is 35% lower than the median price on the Steam™ (prices are updated every few hours). Using the buttons at the top of the list, you can flip through the pages, as well as sort the list by price, offers, offer time and discounts on the Steam™ price.

4. Choose the most competitive item from all the proposals.

After selecting the item you will see its detailed description on the left and current offers for sale on the right. Information on previous sales of the item, will be displayed below, in the form of a candlestick price chart.

If the seller has a green dot by their name, it means that they are currently online. When buying things, he or she is likely to wait a few minutes.
If you buy item with "Quick buy" icon - items already on our Steam account and you can requests items transfer instantly after purchace.
If you hover the cursor over the seller's nickname, you will see his/her stats, i.e. the number of sales, purchases, transmission errors as well as the average transmission time of the item purchased in the past.

The column PRICE contains the price of the item, established by the seller. If you have logged into your account you will see the price on the right hand side, together with your discount and the “Buy” icon. For further information about our discount system please visit the section called “DISCOUNTS”.

4.1. If we don't have currently interesting offers - you can create Buy order.

In our service you have ability to set you price you want to pay for item you want to buy. You will find needed interface at every item page. Use button "Create buy order". Also you can see all your active Buy orders on page My Buy orders.

5. Waiting for delivery of goods from the seller.

After your purchase is confirmed, the required funds will be taken from your account, and the seller will be notified of a successful sale. The status of your purchases can be tracked in the "Transfer of items" section of your account.
If you bought item with "Quick Buy" item you can request item transfer instantly.
With usual deal, if the seller is online he or she should transfer the item within a few minutes. But if they are offline then the exchange may take longer. The seller is allowed 30 minutes to transfer the purchased item(s). During this time, you cannot cancel the purchase, however if the purchase takes longer than 30 minutes, you can either:

1. Cancel the purchase. In this case, you will get your money back and the seller will receive a failed sale mark in statistics. After that you can buy this item from another seller if any; or

2. Choose to wait. The waiting time is not limited. Perhaps the seller went to bed and forgot to stop selling items. If you are not in a hurry and the item is rare - it may be better to wait. It is highly likely that the seller will give you the item the next day. During this time, your money will remain blocked, but you can cancel the transaction at any time and get a full refund. For example, in case an offer from another seller has emerged.

6. Receiving your goods on your Steam™ account.

After the purchased item is transferred, our bot will check it and will send the trade offer to your Steam™ account. This means that you don’t have to visit our site to receive the purchased item. The trade offer will be valid for 4 hours - when canceled (due offers limit on our bot's Steam account) but you will be able to send new offer any time on "Transfer of items" page in your account. The item will be added to your inventory after the confirmation.

Important! Our service guarantees the safety of the item for only 4 hours after the seller's transfer. During this time we will give you a full refund if something goes wrong with our Steam™ bot's account. Upon the expiry of this time the item will be still based on our bot, but it is possible that the account of the bot can be blocked by Steam Support for some reasons. In this case you will not be able to pick up the purchased item and we do not refund its price.
For this reason, we strongly recommend you not to delay the receiving of the item purchased!

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