Warning! We have a bad news. VALVE corporation trade banned today all our trade bots. This accounts was used to store and transfer user's items. This mean, we can not send you items which was stored on this bots. We disabled function to buy items and fund your account. Currently, we are trying to get response from Steam support and get some additional information.

2018-04-05. Unfurtunatelly Steam do not want to make anything about our bots. We get several answers, what \"This lock is permanent and Steam support cannot help you further with this.\".

Currently, service in pre-bankruptcy. Before new CS:GO trading rules and bots ban service not generate profits needes to support servers and stuff. Now our financial reserver is near zero.

Personally, I'm very sad in this situation. During almost three years I spend too much time in development and support this project. We did not have much users, but about 500 users likes our service anyway. But now with new CS:GO trade rules and bots banned, I do not see perspectives to continue.

2018-04-10. I take decision to change this marketplace to new trade system. Trades will be perfomed directly from seller's account to buyer's account. Trade will be confirmed by system using seller' Steam API KEY (will be requested in settings). Correct trade offer can be send by seller using our browser extension or own scripts. After trade will be accepted by buyers - seller's account will be credited on SteamBroker as usual. This scheme will remove limitation with 7 day ban on CSGO items, bots inventory limit and another bot related problems and of course risk of bot ban by Steam's support. Development and testing can take several weeks.


Chat rules

This document is set rules and regulations that must be followed in SteamBroker.com's chat. Violation of these rules will result in a chat ban for a period from 24 hours prior to a permanent lock.
Rules needed for a normal healthy dialogue. The concept of "healthy dialogue" is defined by these Rules and the personal opinion of the administration.
Rules are not discussed. Service administration reserves the right to modify and change this Rules any time.

  • Allowed in our chat:
    • 1. Discuss the details of the purchase with the seller. Get more information about the item or discuss the price (within reason).
    • 2. Ask questions about the service and help new users to learn the different functions of the site.
    • 3. Advertising your items, emphasizing their advantages, features and price. But without spam.
    • 4. Discuss any topics concerning the games or Steam platform, if the topic is interested to other users.
    • 5. Ask questions to administration in the "SUPPORT" tab and other users to answer in this tab only if you are sure your answer is correct.
    • 6. To propose new service functions and discuss them with other members of the chat.
  • Prohibited in our chat:
    • 1. Any deals outside this service will be scam attempts in 95% of cases. Don't give you TradeURL, Steam account, Skype detail in chat. Your items can be stolen and scammers involve much methods to do this..
    • 2. Any act of rudeness and insult to the participants, provocation of strife and debate in the chat.
    • 3. The messages do not carry any meaning.
    • 4. Begging or requests to set excessively low price on some item.
    • 5. Set similar message consecutive or in visible chat area.
    • 6. Advertising other services and sending links to any third-party resources.
    • 7. Disrespectful messages to the administration or support service.
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