Do not lose the opportunity to trade your skins on this unique bot-less marketplace! Our marketplace does not use any Steam bot accounts. You transfer items directly to the buyer only when the deal is confirmed, so your skins can not be blocked on our bots. Also Steam can not interfere in our business by blocking our account because we do not have any.


F. A. Q.

Answers to most asked questions by our users.

Buy Steam™ inventory items

Is your website safe?

Yes. We are real business registered in Europe. Due our service you can make secure deals with Steam inventory items. You are 100% protected from any kind of scam and always will get item, you want to buy, or you will get money back, if seller will not be able to provide this item. We have paid out thousands of sellers without any issues.

Do you have any fees for bying items?

No. You don't pay fees. Additionally, you will get discount if will use our site often. You can read more about our discount program here. Where is some commissions from payment systems but we trying to make it minimal.

Is there a 7 day hold on items I buy?

No. You can trade and/or use the items immediately. There is no hold like on the Steam Community Market. (This can vary from game to game).

Can't save Trade URL in my account settings!

Usually, this means - your account can not use Steam trade system (new account or trade blocked) this means - you will not be able to get items you bought. You can check errors if you will try to send offer to our service account (you can find links on Account setting page).
Another most often reason - you not set your inventory to "Public visible". You should allow to view your inventory to another users or your TradeURL will not work. (You can leave your account Private but Inventory Public and it will not be visible in Steam, but will be possible to make exchanges with TradeURL).
Also is possible what Steam service in not working correctly in current moment. If you are sure what all correct - try to save your TrareURL some time later.

I have bought the item, but don't see it in me inventory!

Our deals is not instant. You should wait until seller will send bought item to you. Where is two possibilities:

1. If you buy item from Online user (green Buy button and green circle near seller's nick) seller will get notification about deal. Seller should create trade offer to your account and notify our service about this trade offer. Seller will get money when trade offer accepted and correct items send. If seller will not transfer bought item during 30 minutes, you will have the ability to cancel deal and get you money back. You can check status of your deals on "Transfer of items" tab in your account.

2. If you buy from "Offline" seller (red square near seller's nickname) it's better to wait transfer longer. But usually where is no reason to wait more when 24 hours.

You can get more detailed information on this page.

Why you not get all items from sellers in advance?

Steam user Agreement not allow to use steam accounts for business. Many accounts used by trade services was blocked by Valve (including our accounts) with all items in the inventory. So we decided to create new more complicated by much more secure trade system. We not using any steam accounts to trade items. Sellers trade items directly to buyer and our service only transfer the money.

Seller not transfer bought item. What should I do?

When you accept seller's deal, You give him 30 minutes for item transfer. You can't cancel deal during this time. If seller will not transfer item during this time - you will be able to cancel deal and get money back. Also, you can wait longer, if you interested in this deal. But, usually there is no reason to wait longer then 24 hours. Usually this mean - seller will not return to our website and will not transfer your item.

I have a "Error" on "Items transfer" page during items transfer.

If our extension can not send trade offer to the buyer - where is possible several reasons. Possible, buyer have inventory limit count or have VAC ban or another Steam reasons. Also check, what you logged in on SteamCommunity website in browser. If you session is expired - you need to login again.

What should I do?

If you can not send item you should cancel deals on MY TRADES page. Some time is possible, what buyer can not accept item only from one game. If you have items from different games - you can try to cancel items from one game and try to send items again.

I have got my items but it still shows on website!

Usually accepted deal should disappear from "My Trades" after several seconds. If this not happened - you should write to support about this.

Sell Steam™ items

How to public "My Offers" link in the chat.

You can find this link on "SELL" page top. You can click on white bubble near link to paste it to the chat window. You can add some additions after link to make it more attractable.

What fees I will pay?

You will pay 10% fee when you sell items. But you will pay less fees if you sell more items. You can read about our discount program HERE. Also you will pay 5% processing fee for every withdraw order.

How to sell Steam game gifts? I don't see my gifts on your website.

First reason, gifts become tradable only after 30 days after gift purchase. This date you can find on your gift description on Steam.
Second reason, you should disable checkbox "Keep your Steam Gift inventory private, regardless of your inventory setting above." in your Steam private settings. You gifts will not be shown for exchange if you leave this checkbox set.

I was several days offline and my items is shaded now on SELL page. How to fix this?

If you was not Online longer than 24 hours - your account will be PAUSED and your items will stop displaying. You can turn your items back using "PLAY" button on "SELL" page.
You can set PAUSE by yourself if you will not be able to send items if buer will be found. To make it you should press "PAUSE" icon on the "SELL" page.
If you will be Offline longet than 7 days - your prices will be removed and you should set it again.

How to remove one item from your service?

If you want to remove some item price from our database - you should remove (remove, not set to zero) price for this item and apply changes. You can change prices or remove prices from our database in one operation. Make all changes you want and apply changes once.

I have send item to your bot but not get money.

Information from our bots updates once in 1-2 minutes. You should wait several minutes and check again. If Steam™ service not work correctly - it can take more time.
Of course, is possible some errors in our scripts or problems with Steam connection. If your service is not process your item correctly - your item will stay on our bot. You get your item back - your should write to and write:
1. Your SteamID (you can find it in your account settings on our website)
2. Full item name of the item and game name.
3. Bot nickname where you send item (this data you can find in Steam inventory history page).
You will get back your item after your request will be processed.

Why my items is stop displaying on "SELL" page.

Our service can't load your inventory from Steam. Where is several main reasons.
1. Steam community website is not accessible. Wait some time while Steam community website will be accessible again.
2. You create new Trade URL link in Steam. Set new link in account settings on our website.
3. You have changes your Privacy Settings in Steam and set your Inventory to Private. Set your Inventory to Public.
4. Your account was Trade bunned temporally on permanently by Steam Support. Try to send trade offer to our bot account and check your account status. You can found link on your account settings page.

Money transfers

I have transfer money to your account by my account not funded.

If you paid from Webmoney, Yandex-money, QIWI and use instant payment options - this is not correct. Your account should be funded in several seconds after payment. If you not get your money - write to support at your SteamID, amount, payment system and tyme of transfer.
If you used BitCoin - your payment can take about 1-2 hours to process.
If you have used PayPal, your payment can be send to manual confirmation (especially for nes users). You will get notification about this during payment process. This processing can take up to thee days.

I have added money to my account but can't withdraw this money. Why?

By European and International regulations you can't use our service to make money transfers to another payment systems or accounts. You can use this money only to buy Steam items from another users. If you want to get refund - you can wrtie to support and request refund.

I have created Withdraw orders but not get my money (status "Processing").

Withdraw orders processed by our operators. It can take up to 72 hours.

Withdraw order status change to "Finished", but I don't get my money.

Try to update information in your payment system (try to relogin). If this does not help - check wallet in your account history. If you set wrong account number - we can't return your payment. In any case write to write your SteamID and finished withdraw order number.

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